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R&B Is Rock Music


University of R&B Awards 

Rhythm and Blues University is an on-line, non-accredited educational corporation. Our international mission is to reinforce and spread the true legacy of rhythm and blues music. In testament to achieving the goal, Rhythm and Blues University awards highly visible R&B honors around the world. The R&B awards are bestowed upon music lovers everywhere who understand that the true cultural identity of “rock and roll music is rhythm and blues.”

In the mid 1950s, millions of young American music fans began referring to R&B as rock and roll. The latter name was taken from R&B song lyrics. That is to say, rock and roll music is not a mixture of popular music, country and western, and rhythm and blues. Rock music is R&B music! Rock and roll is merely another name for rhythm and blues. 

By the 1960s, the enormous popularity of R&B had spread internationally. Cross-cultural attraction to the magnetic rhythm and blues music lifted the African American art form to the rank of greatest musical expression on planet earth; and in the history of humankind. Subsequently, performance artists in many cultures around the world successfully mastered R&B. Today, rhythm and blues music is filled with multi millionaires. It is the richest music art form on planet earth. Understanding the context and truth behind these facts is the basis for being eligible to receive a R&B award or diploma from Rhythm and Blues University. Acquisition of the R&B doctorate diploma is encouraged. To begin the easy presentation process just click-on Orientation in the navigation bar or click-on R&B Honors, pictured below.

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R&B Award

R&B Culture Keepers Are Celebrated

Rhythm and Blues University reaches across planet earth to identify and honor individuals for their support, knowledge, love and cultural preservation of R&B music. Historical documents from the 1950s clearly show that  white artists such as Johnnie Ray, Bill Haley, Pat Boone, Elvis Presley and others, including artists of the 1960s British Invasion, all rose to fame by performing R&B music. Many already know the truth. For newcomers willing to learn about the great R&B legacy, Rhythm and Blues University has developed a set of short informational modules to help untangle the false division between R&B and Rock music. The modules are intended to transmit the unified truth of R&B music or rock and roll as being one and the same. Thus, R&B awards recognize an individual's prior experience or newly acquired understanding of R&B culture. R&B awards can be obtained by music lovers anywhere in the world who understand and accept that the true cultural identity of rock and roll music; that it is R&B music.

Selected MP3 files, CDs and DVDs are included in each navigation section to help illustrate R&B's historical development; and to support music libraries. The Rhythm and Blues Certificate and Diplomas are meant to be framed, wall mounted in the home or displayed professionally, and proudly celebrated. 

R&B Awards 


Rhythm and Blues University (RBU) can bestow its coveted R&B awards upon those individuals who know the true cultural identity of rock music. More specifically, R&B honors are awarded to individuals based upon understanding that "rock and roll music is rhythm and blues.”  The awards, like the art form itself, are international in scope.  When framed and publicly displayed, the R&B awards reinforce and make manifest Dr. Martin Luther King’s superlative that [rhythm and blues music] “surpasses the cultural conquest of classical Greece."    


Rhythm and Blues University awards are grounded in research reported in the classic book, Rock Is Rhythm and Blues: The Impact of Mass MediaObtaining a R&B certificate from RBU represents knowing "how and why" rock and roll music is rhythm and blues. In essence, R&B certificates symbolize understanding that rock music is a magnificent African American cultural gift that has been given to the entire world; and cherished in many different nations. Thus, the R&B diploma is a permanent and formal salute in honor of a deeply rich culture, the courageously intelligent people who created it, and international music lovers who later embraced it.


Our on-line honors can be obtained in the following levels: (1) R&B Certificate (2) Master Diploma (3) Doctor Diploma. For many, Alan Freed's public testimony is the gateway to rhythm and blues knowledge and understanding the true history of rock and roll music. 

The Certificate of R&B, Master of R&B, and Doctor of R&B diplomas can be ordered online with the recipient's name printed on the awards.  Acknowledgment and personal verification of completion of the instructional modules are required in order to receive each R&B award. The Certificate of R&B and Master of R&B awards will be emailed. The Doctor of R&B  award has special requirements associated with it and will be shipped via USPS. All R&B awards are designed to be framed and personally or publicly  displayed. 

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