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"One Culture"

"Shake Rattle and Roll " by Joe Turner

Turner's 1954 original was a #1 Rhythm and Blues record

"Shake Rattle and Roll" by Bill Haley

Haley extensively covered Rhythm and Blues records

The Orientation

Rhythm and Blues University is an educational corporation, located in "The Cloud." Although non-accredited, RBU's international mission is to transfer to succeeding generations the full legacy of rhythm and blues music; often referred to as R&B. Historically, Rhythm and Blues music was also given another name, Rock and Roll. The two R&B names, Rhythm and Blues and Rock and Roll, were used interchangeably until "strong American social forces" caused a false split between them. RBU seeks to reunite R&B music; the genuine rock and roll art form. Full acknowledgement of R&B music's spectrum is the focus of our short orientation program.

RBU's Appreciation


Honorary Degree in Rhythm and Blues

Rhythm and Blues University awards its prestigious Honorary Degree in Rhythm and Blues, Master and Doctor, to cultural keepers, worldwide. Both honorary degrees can be bestowed upon those who understand how and why the true cultural identity of “rock and roll music is rhythm and blues. The degrees are made manifest through beautiful diplomas, issued to the awardee. The diploma represents an enduring personal testament of knowledge acquisition and appreciation of rhythm and blues music’s grand contributions to humanity.

In the mid 1950s, the United States of America functioned as a racially segregated society, especially against negroes. Racial supremacy or apartheid, legal or by customs, is meant to separate valued cultural products and achievements from the subjugated people who invented them. So, it was during America's segregation era of the mid 1950s when millions of young music fans began referring to rhythm and blues as rock and roll. The latter name, rock and roll, was appropriated from rhythm and blues songwriters by the late broadcaster, Alan Freed. That is to say, rock and roll music is not a mixture of popular music, country and western, and rhythm and blues. Rock music is rhythm and blues music! Rock and roll is merely another name for rhythm and blues; the negro music played on radio by hundreds of disc jockeys, whose success later attracted Alan Freed.

Documents from the 1950s clearly show that white American artists such as Johnnie Ray, Bill Haley, Pat Boone, Elvis Presley and others, including artists of the 1960s British Invasion, all rose to fame by performing R&B music. The enormous popularity of R&B had spread internationally by the 1960s; but often under the name rock and roll promoted by Freed. Subsequently, performance artists, writers and producers from many cultures and races around the world successfully mastered R&B. So, when Dr. Martin Luther King addressed the National Association of Negro Radio Broadcasters, in 1967, he referred to rhythm and blues in the superlative: "...it surpasses the cultural conquest of classical Greece.” The magnetism of rhythm and blues music lifted the African art form to the rank of greatest musical expression on planet earth; and in the history of humankind. The RBU honorary degree and diploma help recognize rhythm and blues or rock music as a magnificent cultural gift that has been given to the entire world; and accepted in high esteem.

The R&B Diplomas


R&B Award


R&B Award

 Thank You Truth Keepers

Rhythm and Blues University searches the world to locate and uplift special people for their R&B knowledge, experience, and efforts to preserve the music. Millions of people know that the true cultural identify of rock and roll is rhythm and blues music; and need to be recognized. For newcomers, willing to learn about the great R&B legacy, Rhythm and Blues University has developed a set of short informational modules that untangle the false division between R&B and Rock music. The modules are designed to transmit the true knowledge of R&B music or rock and roll as being one and the same. MP3 files, CDs and DVDs are embedded in each module or section that help illustrate the full embodiment of R&B. The media productions also enrich home libraries. Thus, Rhythm and Blues University bestows its Honorary degrees based upon a person's prior experience and/or new R&B enlightenment.

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