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Blues Songs with Rock and or Roll in Lyrics

African-American Blues Songs with ‘Rock’ and/or ‘Roll’ in the Lyrics

Race Records/Blues Charts

The following is a list of titles and lyrics that represent a sample of evidence on the protracted African American cultural process of coining the phrase rock and roll.

African American Blues Songs with “Rock” and/or “Roll” in Lyrics

Race Records/Blues Charts

1. 1922 My Man Rocks Me (With One Steady Roll)
Trixie Smith By J. Berni Barbour

2. 1938 Rock Me Baby (Before U Go)
Bill Broonzy

3. 1938 Cherry Red
Joe Turner By Pete Johnson and Joe Turner

4. 1939 Rock Me
Sister Rosetta Tharpe By Thomas A. Dorsey

5. 1939 Rock Me Mamma
Curtis Jones

6. 1940s Rock! Daniel
Lucky Millinder & Sis. Rossetta Tharpe

7. 1940 Rockin' Chair Blues
Bill Broonzy

8. 1942 Roll Me, Baby
Tommy McClennan by Curtis Jones

9. 1944 Rock Me Mamma
Arthur Crudup By Arthur Crudup

10. 1945 Around the Clock
Wynonie Harris By Wynonie Harris

11. 1945 Around The Clock
Big Joe Turner By Wynonie Harris (Covered by Bill Haley)

12. 1946 Let The Good Times Roll
Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five

13. 1947 Let It Roll All Night Long
Lucky Millinder & Annisteen Allen, vocal

14. 1947 We're Gonna Rock (Roll)
Bill Moore

15. 1948 Rock and Roll
Wild Bill Moore

16. 1948 Rockin' Boogie
Joe Lutcher

17. 1948 Good Rockin Tonight
Roy Brown By Roy Brown

18. 1948 Good Rockin' Tonight
Wynonie Harris

19. 1948 Roll 'Em
Joe Liggins

20. 1949 Rockin' at Midnight
Roy Brown

21. 1949 All She Wants to Do Is Rock
Wynonie Harris

22. 1949 Rock The Joint
Jimmy Preston

23. 1949 Rock Awhile
Goree Carter

24. 1950 Rockin' All Day
Jimmie McCracklin By McCracklin-Taub & His Blues Blasters

25. 1950 Rock Around The Clock
Hal Singer

26. 1950 Rockin' With Red
Piano Red

27. 1951 Rockin' Chair
Fats Domino

28. 1951 Rockin' Blue
Johnny Otis (with Mel Walker)

29. 1951 Sixty-Minute Man
The Dominoes

30. 1951 Let's Rock Awhile
Amos Milburn

31. 1952 Rock Me All Night Long
The Ravens

32. 1954 Shake, Rattle and Roll
Joe Turner and His Blues Kings

33. 1954 Shake, Rattle and Roll
Bill Haley and his Comets

34. 1955 Roll With Me Henry
Etta James and The Peaches

35. 1955 (We're Gonna) Rock Around The Clock
Bill Haley

36. 1955 Good Rockin' Daddy
Etta James

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